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Covid-19 Resources

It has certainly been an interesting time for families; this is especially true for those that are adding a new baby to their family, either through birth or adoption. Having the physical, emotional and informational support of a doula has never been more important.


North Shore Doulas is working hard to ensure that our clients have the most current information available to them. We have attended several virtual meetings and webinars to uncover as much information as we can for ourselves and our clients. Working closely with Kimberly Daniels from Lunamama through Zoom meetings, we are supporting one another so that we may support you.


Our commitment to you is stronger than ever. Navigating this uncharted territory is not easy for any of us, but with information, support, and connection, we are doing what we can in a very unpredictable time. The point of this post is not to give medical advice but rather to provide a starting point for gathering information so that you can make informed decisions about your pregnancy, birth and postpartum. For specific protocols and policies, always speak to your care provider.


Your Doulas are here for you, never hesitate to reach out to us when you have concerns or questions. That’s what Doulas do!


For more information please visit this link -

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