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I cannot even begin to put into words how happy I am to have made the decision to have Fiona and Jaimie as my doulas for my VBAC. Throughout the entire process I felt a sense of safety, confidence, comfort and control that I did not feel during my first birthing experience without doulas. Fiona and Jaimie were attentive, responsive, and calm. They constantly advocated for me and what I wanted my birth experience to be like. I believe the positions, movements and breathing techniques that Fiona and Jaimie encouraged me to do are what helped me manage my pain and made my labor fast and progress so smoothly. This was so important given that it was a VBAC and a long labor would probably not have been an option. This birth experience was the best moment in my life and I truly believe it wouldn't have been that way without Fiona and Jaimie.  I will be forever grateful. 


Fiona is an exceptional woman who is passionate about her work. She has assisted me with 3 natural births.The first and most emotionally difficult was an expected still birth. My husband and I are eternally grateful to Fiona for being there with us during that very difficult time.

Our second birth was our daughter, who with the help of Fiona I was able to deliver completely naturally. During this labor I had severe back pain. Fiona massaged my back and kept me calm, focused and relaxed.Our last birth was our son. Again Fiona assisted me in a completely natural childbirth.

Fiona's knowledge of childbirth and the stages of labor makes it very comforting and relaxing to both parents. There was no stress in timing contractions as Fiona did this for us, she did everything and was able to answer any doctors questions, this allowed me to remain focused and my husband to be calm. Once our babies were home, Fiona was available for questions day and night, this made the post partum period easy. Thank you  Fiona for your help during this wonderful time in our lives it is something we will always cherish.


I have started this letter a hundred times in my head, trying to express how thankful I am to have had you present at the birth of both my children. Your knowledge throughout the last weeks of my pregnancy and your support through my labour has meant the world to my husband and myself. The anticipation of having a baby for the first time, brought me such overwhelming feelings of excitement and fear. You listened, validated my feelings and calmed my fears. I cannot begin to explain the level of gratitude that I have for you. During all the buzz of the delivery and being surrounded by all medical personal---you maintained your focus on me, which in turn made me feel valued and that my feelings & thoughts mattered. You offered support to my husband as well. He is thankful for your gentle suggestions, which gave him the confidence to actively contribute to the delivery. Coming from a long history of c-sections, I was concerned about my ability to experience natural childbirth. With your knowledge, guidance and support, I was able to achieve a positive birth experience. I sincerely thank you for everything you have done.


​Thank you so very much for your support, Jaime! From the time we first met you we knew you would be a key support during our labour. Your kindness, compassion, knowledge and calm, patient presence were so helpful to us. We are so grateful to have met you and for all of your help throughout not only labour, but the whole pregnancy. I really appreciated your support after the birth as well, and the care you demonstrated by checking in to see how things were going. As first time parents, we are so thankful to have had the support of you as our doula! We consider ourselves very lucky. Thanks again! 


From the moment we met Fiona we felt a tremendous connection to her and her approach to childbirth.  During the weeks leading up to the birth we appreciated the time that she and Jaimie spent with us preparing for the special day.

When the day finally came it was clear that we were a team and that we were not alone.  During the early stages of the labour, Fiona checked in on us regularly and joined us at home with Jaimie as the labour progressed.  With their support we were able to maximize our time at home while they kept Tiffany mobile and active.  Fiona and Jaimie’s focus, direction and encouragement gave Tiffany the strength to deliver naturally, which was our goal from the outset.

We are so grateful for all of the support, guidance, coaching and care.

We can’t wait to do it again!


Jaime is attentive, knowledgeable, kind, and gave us so much relief by answering our millions of questions. On delivery day, she was there right when we asked her to be and guided us through a lot of uncertainty in a very long 24 hour labour. She made the experience as comfortable as possible - knowing exactly when to step in and when to give space. She helped encourage and support my wife, while also helping me assist in how to support her. Overall, she was an extremely calm and positive presence throughout the entire day. To this day, we still ask her questions and she responds promptly giving us consistent peace of mind. We highly recommend her to anyone in need of a Doula.

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