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Fiona Galvani, CD(DONA)

I have been supporting families through birth for 16 years. Initially, when my own children were still quite young, I started attending the births of friends and family members and have been able to provide support to both the mother and her partner. When a mother is given the tools that she needs to manage labour, when she and her partner feel empowered to make decisions that are in their and their babies best interest, when they know that they have someone who is there just for them, they are better able to navigate the challenges and possible obstacles that may emerge. With each birth I have learned more about the beauty and strength of the birthing mother and have been continually amazed by women’s instincts and their innate ability to understand what their bodies need in order to birth their babies. For me, being present at the birth of a child, being able to support a family as it is being born is the highest honour.

My husband and I are the parents of 10 children. The oldest three children we gave birth to and the younger seven joined our family through adoption. My family are a tremendous support to me in my role as a doula.

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Ally Mounzer

Having started my family in Squamish, BC with a wealth of support, I am excited to give back to this wonderful community. Being the oldest of five and with two of my own, watching babies grow has been fundamental in my life journey. I was drawn to studying birth after my own experiences, and becoming a Doula has been the ultimate education. Supporting families has been something ingrained in my person and I am privileged to navigate this journey with you, the way you want. 

Photo credit: Angela Bliss Photography

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